“Jim Bernardi is very detailed and has excellent
Departments. Jim will go out of his way to ensure
correct mentoring and consulting to insure success.
If you are looking for a Service Department solution
you should contact Jim for the correct advice.”

Bill Zahrte, VP Marketing, AutoLoop
worked with Jim at AutoPro Training Solutions
“With AutoPro's program, I have seen excellent
results, driving hours per repair order up .5 hours
on every repair order and dollars per repair order
up by $125. from the average of $150. Jim's
knowledge of the industry and integrity surpass
all other programs I have encountered. Great
Results, Expert, High Integrity"

Larry Jones/Service Manager, Indiana Dealer
hired Jim as a Business Consultant
I have had a working relationship with Jim Bernardi for several years. Jim is one of the best in his field. He's
dramatically improved profitability in every dealership he has been in. I recommend him to all my clients
because of his expertise and his track record but most importantly his integrity and professionalism.
Tom Stuker, President, Stuker and Associates, worked directly with Jim at AutoPro Training Solutions
“Jim Bernardi and his company are
first class , I would recommend them
to anyone . They produce amazing
results. A great value for a small
investment.” Great Results, Expert,
High Integrity

Ted Brunker
hired Jim as a Business Consultant
“I have had the opportunity to witness first hand the incredible impact that AutoPro can have
on an auto dealership's bottom line. Simply put, AutoPro's ability to take a dealership's fixed
ops to another level, and FAST, is second to none! There are countless companies in the auto
industry that take your money and then over promise and under deliver. However, AutoPro
completely shatters this notion...they ONLY get paid if they deliver as promised. After a few
minutes talking with Jim Bernardi anyone would realize that he is high energy with
tremendous character, integrity and passion for what he does. It was AutoPro's reputation
and proven track record as well as Jim Bernardi the person that prompted REWARDLogix to
want to partner with AutoPro."

Vince Rubino/VP Marketing, REWARDLogix   -consultant to AutoPro
“If reducing fixed costs within your
dealership is an important part of your daily
operation, Jim Bernardi is the leader in the
industry! All consultation and detailed reports
are absolutely free for the initial contact.
Saving you $ is what AutoPro is well
established in doing!"

Gary Fightmaster/Owner, Dealer Profit Concepts   
-contractor to AutoPro
“Jim Bernardi is passionate about his
business and his life -- and works diligently
to ensure he is providing the best service
integrity, flexibility and ability to
aggressively tackle challenges makes him
a pleasure to know and work with!”

Joel Shuflin, Publisher, Dealer Communications
“Jim is president of AutoPro with years of
experience in the auto industry. In addition
he comes from a family that is well know in
the industry. Nothing is better than getting
training and finding solutions from someone
who has been on the front lines.”

Michael Maguire, Agent/trainer, Curran
“Jim Bernardi is well-presented, articulate
and genuine about his love for the auto
industry. He is determined and completely
ethical and honest in all of his dealings. Jim
is able to envision what needs to be done to
enable dealers to focus on service
profitability and customer satisfaction”

Terri Neptune, Manager, Courland Automotive
Practice  -consultant to AutoPro
"Jim Bernardi is one of those people you immediately feel good about on first meeting. He possess the qualities of sincerity and a personal
charisma. Jim Bernardi has the unique ability to dramatically increase the profitability of your fixed operations departments with guaranteed results. I
strongly recommend you consider bringing him to your dealership to work with your management at improving profits and processes. An ultimate
professional, Jim eats, drinks, and sleeps the retail automobile industry with a vast depth of knowledge and the ability to translate it into profitability
for his clients. He and I have worked together on several projects, including and I have no problem highly recommending
him to anyone. Supremely confident in his ability to make changes and move the needle on profitability, he guarantees his work...what more could
you say? If Jim Bernardi says's going to happen.
Jim Ziegler, CSP, HSG, President, Ziegler Corporations - worked directly with AutoPro
Jim’s comprehensive knowledge of the industry combined with his years of experience within it makes him a
vital asset to the automotive world. At Mudd Advertising, we look forward to building a strong partnership with
Jim that is focused on achieving phenomenal results for clients and continually drives the industry forward.
Jim Mudd, President, CEO, Mudd Advertising, was with another company when working with Jim at AutoPro Training
I've had the pleasure of working with Jim and find him a man of great character, a wonderful family man, a man of great vision, and a credit
to our industry. Well done, Jim! It's an honor to know you!
Tom Wiegand, former National Sales Manager, DealerPro Group of Companies, was a consultant or contractor to Jim at AutoPro Training Solutions
Jim's extensive knowledge of the automotive industry and solid leadership skills speak for themselves. He has earned a well-deserved
reputation in the industry for his professional expertise and strength of personal attributes. Jim was always a true pleasure to work with, and I
personally appreciate his professional advice and mentoring.
Mary Leach, Customer Relations Manager, Lexus of Northborough, worked indirectly for Jim at Lexus of Northborough
AutoPro is Expert, On
Time, High Integrity

Gary Bergeron, President/
Bolton Motors
hired Jim as a Business
“Jim Bernardi has shown me an impressive ability to
organize and launch a new electronic newsletter venture in a
a highly professional and efficient manner. He has
demonstrated a remarkable talent for pulling together many
different components into a cohesive operational structure
that many others would struggle with. I recommend Jim
because of his unique combination of talent and strategic
thinking abilities.”
Ralph Paglia, Director-Digital Marketing, ADP Dealer Services
consultant to AutoPro
“Jim Bernardi was a great guy to work for,
both as a manager and as a person.
Straight forward guy, reliable, good values,
work ethics. Good business practice is a
guarantee with him"

Felipe Miranda/Service Manager, Herb
Connolly Hyundai   -reported to AutoPro
Jim is an outstanding person to collaborate and work with. A truly dedicated and professional businessman, Jim brings to the table a wealth of
knowledge and industry insight. I have not only worked with Jim on automotive 20 Group's in the past, but I have also had the pleasure of
sharing professional experience via digital social media. Combining 3rd generation automotive experience and fastly making the family name in
PowerSports the only road Jim is on is the road to higher success. Jim is a christian family man with an impeccable reputation in his community
as well as for his involvement in many charities and organizations. Top qualities - Honesty, Integrity, Professionalism. I would highly
recommend working with Jim if you have not already had the opportunity of doing so.
Bill Goodfriend, Account Executive/Business Development, NCM Associates was a consultant or contractor to Jim at The Bernardi Group